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Case Study: Fineline at Brixton Village

The Client: Brixton Village

The Brief:
Install a new lighting system to give the Brixton Village team more flexibility, and to give the space a warmer, more welcoming feel for customers.

The Job:

In October 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fineline Lighting were enlisted by Brixton Village to revamp the market’s lighting system. Two years ago the market was purchased by Hondo Enterprises, which has since been on a journey to update and upgrade the space while maintaining the integrity of the Grade II-listed architecture.

“The lighting had always been a problem across the two covered markets,” says General Manager Diana Nabagereka. “The centralised overhead white lights gave the effect of a mortuary. It didn’t work for a night time economy.”

By day, Brixton Village is a traditional market, by night a popular nightlife hub with restaurants, rooftop bars and a bar playing jazz music. Fineline Lighting were enlisted to create an ambient, comfortable atmosphere for the market’s nightlife to flourish, but equally for a warmer and more pleasant tone throughout the winter days.

“There is always a complexity with reimagining Grade II-listed buildings, so we wanted a solution that was warm yet impactful and still showcased the architecture,” continues Diana. “The new lighting solution formed part of an extensive upgrade of the markets, as such it was important Hondo Enterprises found something equally cost-effective and efficient as an ongoing product.”

“There was no overselling, with Fineline. They understood our needs clearly and provided a solution, with no frills.” says Diana. “They presented the festoon lighting option, which has been tried and tested in a number of retail and dining locations. The result is a now transformed environment.”

The planned four-week overnight install was completed in just over three weeks.

“It was a large-scale installation with over 1,000 lamps, spanning 30,000sqft. The team worked fastidiously, in a professional and highly efficient manner.”

When it comes to working with the Fineline Lighting team, Diana concludes: “Working with contractors can often be fuelled with unexpected delays and additional cost. None of these were experienced with Fineline. They were a pleasure throughout, and went above and beyond at each stage, including a follow up tutorial of the system.”

The Tech Specs:

Approximately 1km of festoon lighting

Over 40 Briteq LDP Colorstrip 24FC (battens)

Over 90 Briteq Beamspot 1 DMX FC

Artistic licence dimmers

Stick KE2 controllers